Case Study 3: Footways & Traffic Island

This scheme of works situated in a quarry site and the aim was to create safe walking routes for pedestrians. A chain linked guide rail was installed and traffic islands were upgraded.

Many of the posts were set inside existing road construction materials, either concrete or tarmac(above left). This was saw cut and broken out before the post holes could be excavated (above right).

The post holes were bored where the ground was less compact (above left). The post hole borer can drill a clean hole but is only effective in soil or stone. All other holes were excavated with a small hydraulic breaker. Drop down bollards were installed at access points (above right).

An existing island was extended and altered to prevent traffic parking near footways. The island was excavated to formation level and compacted. Geo textile membrane was installed to minimise weed growth (above left). Chippings were graded to the inside of the island to provide a clean finish (above right).

Above left; post sleeves were installed in a concrete surround inside the upgraded traffic island. These would eventually carry a lit entrance sign. Above right; guide rail posts installed either side of the new footway.

Above left; timber edging board was fitted to the sides of the path and stone was graded to tarmac formation level. Above right; Wearing course tarmac was laid to the paths and the guide rails installed.